Progress of the project


PLACE! 2016 focused on the current topics in the placemaking and city development are, which are governed by the cultural and creative pursuit. The Košice City due to a very successful year of being the European Capital of Culture, has come across a real innovation and development run by the culture. The borderline ergo strategic geographical position of Košice gives city a big advantage in terms of cross-border, cross-schengen and central-east-european connection towards the rest of Europe and world. In the year of 2016 the PLACE! Conference focused especially on the potential of slovak-ukrainian interregional cooperation and mutual know-how exchange.

Culture, creativity and their potential of the urban, economic and social development present frequently discussed topic on the global level. We went through its capacities from different perspectives, its contribution to the reputation of city and place and its business potential. We also analyzed how design and creativity can help with the business growth and also how business can support the expansion of the city and regions, moreover how big industrial and cultural events help create the city image and also the way the music and cultural centers affect the business, marketing and even the decision-making in the cities. We have confronted the international cooperation and importance of the networks, as well as different kinds of borders, the culture and creativity are able to pass.