Progress of the project

Eastconference Košice – Conference on cross-border cooperation and business possibilities in the Ukraine

International conference EAST CONFERENCE in Košice, part of the DRUŽBA SLOVENSKO – UKRAJINA project, which carries out the mission of the project, namely crushing the barriers caused by unfamiliarity with the environment and administrative overload with the aim to increase mutual understanding, improve the cross-border cooperation, cherish the existing and develop the new business relations. These arrangements will boost both economic and social development of the region.
The main topics of the conference were: legal regulations of doing business in the Ukraine, investment opportunities in the Ukraine, cross-border cooperation, support of the regional development and the development of corporate sector.

The Conference also presented project Družba Slovensko – Ukrajina and its outputs in detail:
  1. Eastoffice Košice – virtual headquarters and business incubator in Košice
  2. Eastoffice Uzhhorod – virtual headquarters and business incubator in Uzhhorod
  3. Eastarbiter – arbitration tribunal
  4. Eastport – Slovakia – the Ukrainian Board of Trade
  5. SKKUS – Slovak Corps of Ukrainian Students
  6. Eastportal – web portal, magazines and publications about cross-border cooperation